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Our mission is to help Nova Scotians become leaders in renewable energy, by providing the highest quality solar products and battery backup solutions

The Skylit difference

Our focus is on creating an extraordinary customer experience from start to finish, and our mission is to provide the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing solar installations in Nova Scotia.

Our installation crew takes immense pride in doing beautiful work, taking special care to keep wiring and electrical work as tidy and hidden as possible. It may take us a little longer, but when something is going to be on your roof for the next 30 years—or longer—we want it to look amazing. We are the only company to go the extra mile to test our products to ensure you are getting the best quality possible.

Our stunning, all black systems enhance your curb appeal and maintain the long term value of your property, and our quality of work means very low or no maintenance costs over the life of the system. We’re the experts on battery backup solutions, allowing your solar to power you essential loads even when the power is out – and keep you running at night too.

On top of our ultra-premium hardware, craftsmen-level work, and superior customer service, our tax-advantageous leasing program is one of the most attractive and unique financing options available.

Meet our team

Through our mass installation project, the first and only program of its kind designed for Nova Scotians to invest in solar, we can help you generate clean electricity at a lower rate than current Nova Scotia Power costs.

Your system will be producing power for about 30 years, so we only use superior quality products for our installations. We employ two red seal electricians, and the greatest care is taken by our team to ensure your system looks beautiful too.

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