March 11, 2022

REC Alpha Pure Solar Panels

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we’re the exclusive local installer for REC Alpha Pure all black solar panels! These…

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January 20, 2022

Plug Into Home EV Chargers

We think solar and electric vehicles go hand-in-hand, so we’re excited to announce that we’ve added Level 2 Home EV Chargers to our product line!…

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September 10, 2021

The Skylit Difference: Tidy Wiring

We talk a lot about the quality work we do and what sets us apart. One of the most striking differences you’ll see between us…

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June 15, 2021

60-cell vs 72-cell Solar Panels

When comparing quotes for your solar PV system, it’s important to know whether the panels being proposed are 60-cell or 72-cell, and the differences between…

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May 4, 2021

Luxury Off-Grid Living Powered by SKYLIT and LG

Generally, living “off the grid” requires compromise. It is difficult with standard off-grid solar technology to achieve the same kinds of creature comforts you can…

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April 23, 2021

How Does Shade Affect Solar Panels?

Welcome to number 4 in our technical blog series. This time we did some testing to answer this question: how does shade affect solar panels?…

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April 13, 2021

Microinverter Power Performance Test

As we like to do at SKYLIT, we’ve tested the inverters we use (Hoymiles) to make sure they perform as expected, so that we…

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April 5, 2021

Solar Panels Performance Test

Here at SKYLIT, our highly qualified technical team is constantly testing our products. Our goal is to make sure that we are offering the best…

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March 17, 2021

Solar Racking Test

At SKYLIT we talk a lot about the quality of our hardware – and we can be confident of its quality because we do our…

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October 14, 2020

Our Pumpkin Crew is Plugging into the Sun!

The Pumpkin People Festival is underway in Kentville, and our Pumpkin Crew is Plugging into the Sun! The theme this year is Fables, Folklore &…

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