The Skylit Difference: Tidy Wiring

We talk a lot about the quality work we do and what sets us apart. One of the most striking differences you’ll see between us and other installers is the work done by our electricians to keep the wiring of the system very neat and tidy.

We are extremely fortunate to employ two fantastic red seal electricians -as well as a third year (female!) apprentice – who spend the extra time planning the wiring to keep it as clean and hidden as possible. Our company philosophy is that solar should add to your curb appeal and not detract from it. And the way the system is wired has a big part to play.

We recently had the opportunity to go back and re-wire a system that was installed for us by a sub-contractor in 2017.

Before: Wiring looped around the eaves

Wiring looped around the eaves
View coming in the driveway
Wiring looped around the eaves
Wiring looped around the eaves

You see this a lot in solar installations in Nova Scotia. Teck cables slung across roofs and looped around eaves. These homeowners love their solar but weren’t thrilled with the look of the wiring that was done. Especially since it’s one of the first things you see when coming in the driveway.

After: Very Tidy Wiring

Our electricians were able to find a clever route for the wiring to take through a roof box and into the porch roof, down through the soffit and through a small piece of PVC pipe that blends well into the siding.

The Skylit Difference: Tidy Wiring
New view looks a lot better!
The Skylit Difference: Tidy Wiring
So much more aesthetically-pleasing now!

Needless to say, the homeowners are extremely happy with the results and can now truly attest to the Skylit difference!

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Amanda Brulé

Amanda is VP Sales & Residential Projects at SKYLIT.