Founded in 2016 as Nova Solar Capital Inc., SKYLIT is Nova Scotia’s only Solar PV Projects Development Company. We strive to bring solar to more homeowners, and increase the positive impact we’re having on the environment and the local economy. Our focus is to deliver customers an extraordinary experience; and our people are hired and trained to make sure our customers are our best form of advertising. Our vision is to make solar power accessible to every Nova Scotian; a lofty goal but one we feel is worth aiming for. We are constantly growing and adapting, and looking for ways to take our service a step further. In our first year of business we outgrew our space, and two years in, we outgrew our name. Our core values remain the same, but we bring a fresh face to the solar landscape in Nova Scotia.

We are AMBITIOUS – Bringing solar to all Nova Scotians is no small feat, but one we believe is possible.

We are CHAMPIONS – We are the number one supporter of solar and champion it every day.

We are LEADERS – We are Nova Scoita’s premier solar PV provider.

We are SKYLIT: A Smarter Solution to Solar Power.

A personal note from Andrew Bagley, President & CEO:

Our name may have changed, but our business model, our ownership, and our commitments have not. We are excited about a new brand that reflects our corporate growth and our leadership in the solar industry in Nova Scotia. We appreciate your support as we strive to meet our vision of making solar accessible to all Nova Scotians!

Amanda Brulé

Amanda is VP Sales & Residential Projects at SKYLIT.