We’re SO excited about Batteries!

We’re now more than a year into installing our SKYSTOR battery backup systems, and we’re pretty excited about what they can do.

The LuxPower 12kW Hybrid inverter paired with Pytes batteries is a fantastic system. Each battery is 5.12kWh, and we’ve done two, three, and four battery configurations. We’ve installed more battery backup systems than anyone in Nova Scotia to date, and they are working phenomenally!

So, how do Battery Backup Systems work?

During a power outage, the system switches to backup power seamlessly – so fast there’s not even a blip or flicker. You can be streaming, gaming, whatever – and you won’t even know the power has gone out unless you happen to notice something that’s not on your backup system (like the oven clock, for example).

It’s not going to power your entire house; large appliances like your washer & dryer, dishwasher, electric oven would drain your battery unnecessarily quickly, but you can put most other things on there, especially essentials like fridges, freezers, heat pumps, water pumps, lights, plugs, INTERNET – all the creature comforts to keep you comfortable and entertained during a power outage.

During the day, especially a sunny day, your solar will keep everything running and keep the batteries charged. At night, the batteries keep your essentials running well until daybreak when your solar kicks in again. Most of our systems use 2 batteries, for 10.24kWh of storage, and that’s enough to give you about a day’s worth of power, so a system like this can keep going fairly indefinitely with solar input. We have also installed 3 and 4 battery systems for folks that want to run more loads or have the peace of mind of power for a bit longer – especially during winter when we may not have as much solar to help power the system.

We can also wire in transfer switches to allow a generator to be connected to the system for guaranteed resiliency. But if you’re no longer interested in using fossil fuels for backup power (not to mention the noise, smell, work or maintenance of a generator), the 4 battery system is a great option.

We install off-grid systems too!

And it’s not just backup power – we’ve installed a few SKYSTOR systems on purpose-built off-grid homes as well, and they work perfectly in these situations too; providing all the power the home needs year-round with no compromise from on-grid living.

We’ve worked hard to put together products that give excellent performance at a reasonable price point. Comparable systems from more well-known brands will cost you significantly more – think double the price. But make no mistake – LuxPower is one of the largest manufacturers of hybrid inverters in the world and other systems rebrand the Lux inverter as their own so they’re in more places than you realize – and we’ve brought them in to the Canadian market.

As previously mentioned, we’ve installed more backup systems in Nova Scotia than anyone else – we’ve always been ahead of the curve on this (our first installation was in 2019), and our Skylit electricians are the experts on this stuff.

There’s a rebate available through Efficiency NS up to $2,500 (our 2 battery system maximizes it) when you add battery backup to a new or existing solar PV system.

Adding a SKYSTOR backup system to one of our beautiful, all-black solar arrays means you’re adding energy resiliency along with our top of the line products and superior workmanship. Discover the Skylit difference – Plug Into The Sun with us!

Amanda Brulé

Amanda is VP Sales & Residential Projects at SKYLIT.